Core Values and Beliefs

Millbury Memorial Junior Senior High School Belief Statement

We believe students acquire knowledge, skills, and habits of mind during their secondary school years to help prepare them for the modern workplace. We encourage students to connect authentic learning experiences with academics in order to support their transition into life after Millbury High School. We believe that the skills of communicating effectively, collaborating with purpose, and thinking creatively and critically are a significant part of a student’s ability to contribute to society.

*Academic Curiosity and Growth* *Citizenship* *Independent, Lifelong Learners* *Respect & Responsibility*

Core Values and Beliefs about Learning

Academic Curiosity and Growth

We believe that ACADEMIC CURIOSITY & GROWTH are achieved by connecting classroom learning to the world in which students live. We believe students’ active engagement in their learning will foster a desire to continue to explore, investigate, and think critically about what they have learned and how it impacts the attainment of their future goals.


We believe that CITIZENSHIP is exemplified by having an awareness of the global world and a sense of one’s role as a world citizen. One who embodies CITIZENSHIP demonstrates a respect for and values differing opinions and diversity; acts with honesty, integrity and empathy, and participates in the community in a positive and impactful way.

Independent, Lifelong Learners

We believe that INDEPENDENT, LIFELONG LEARNERS demonstrate the curiosity, ownership and resourcefulness to uncover problems and articulate them in such a way that solutions can be found and shared.

Respect & Responsibility

We believe that RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY are fostered through a mutual effort of support by students, staff, parents/guardians, and community members. We believe in the importance of people taking responsibility for their actions and respecting the opinions of others, even when we disagree. We believe that a caring, trusting, and giving environment is the foundation for building RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY.

21st Century Learning Expectations


Employ critical thinking skills to problem solve

Communicate effectively across the spectrum and manner of audience

Demonstrate motivation and resiliency


Community Involvement

Display Integrity


Collaborate with purpose

Exhibit adaptability and tolerance