Millbury Memorial Junior/Senior High School, in partnership with home and community, provides a safe and caring environment for all students 
to engage in challenging educational experiences that encourage lifelong learning, responsible citizenship and college and career readiness.

Millbury Memorial Junior/Senior High School

12 Martin Street              Millbury, MA 01527           508-865-5841




Millbury Memorial Junior-Senior High School

Class of 2017 

Cody Adams, Angela Angell, Nathalia Arrais, Hannah Bakiri, Mario Balestrieri, Cameron Barry, Emmett Bastarache, Alexis Beam, Olivia Bell, Adam Bengston, Menahem Bichotte, Maranda Bourque, Nicole Bousquet, Ryan Brodeur, Samantha Callejo, Nicole Canas (NHS) - S, Felix Carcamo Osequera, Carissa Carenzo, Elizabeth Chagnon, Jonathan Cherry, Brianna Cloutier, Anthony Collette, Andrew Combs, Johnathan Coonan, Caitlin Craig, Anastasia Crespo, Kelsie Cummings (NHS), Taylor Dauderis (NHS), Tyler Delaney, Gurmitt Dhalliwal, James Dick, Angelina DiDomenica (NHS) – V, Darren Divris, Ariel Dubey, Alexis Dwyer, Corey Eilert, Ryan Eilert, Malcolm Elinoff, Kyle Falish, Jake Foley, Sean Fullen, Emilee Gaimari, Nathan Gasco, Alexandra Gentile, Derek Girard, Estefany Giron Galeano, Sarah Haak (NHS), Rachel Hjort (NHS), Domenic Holland, Grace Hopkins, Sarah Jenkel (NHS), Cody Kennedy (NHS), McKenna Kennedy (NHS), Karmela Krause, Maddison LaMonda, Kaylee Lambert (NHS), Jesse Langello,  Michael LaPerle-Whalen, Megan Lawson (NHS), Nicholas Leboeuf, Christopher Leighton, Samuel Lent, John Leroux, Gentjan Lico (NHS), Amaya Lloyd, MaKenna Mancuso, Wylie Mancuso, Alanna Manzella, Keith Marden, Matthew Mawdsley, Liam McCarron, Trevor McWalters, Mikaela Mitchell (NHS), Travis Mitchell, Geoffrey Mwangi, Ashley Ngo (NHS), Lily Nguyen (NHS), Adam Nunez, Joseph Okuliczki, Christopher Pabon, Anthony Peare, Delores Picard, Brandon Poisant, Patrick Powers, Sarah Reilly, Jessica Reumann (NHS), John Reumann (NHS), Alex Richardson, Jasmine Rodriguez, Collin Salonich, Kelvin Santiago, Jarrett Schroeder, Devin Siker, Cassandra Stockhaus (NHS), Nicolas Towler, Andrew Turco, Stephen Weaver (NHS), Marie Weeks, Tyler Whiterell, Nolan Wright 

V- Valedictorian – Angelina DiDomenica

S – Salutatorian – Nicole Canas


A Message from the Woolie Trail Association 

Join the Woolie Trail Association! The WTA is an outdoors club committed to building and maintaining trails on the MHS campus. Our mission is to promote healthy outdoors activities while supporting the construction, maintenance and protection of natural spaces. Our first trail is completed and ready for use! Click here for more info. 

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