Millbury Memorial Junior/Senior High School, in partnership with home and community, provides a safe and caring environment for all students 
to engage in challenging educational experiences that encourage lifelong learning, responsible citizenship and college and career readiness.

Millbury Memorial Junior/Senior High School

                                            12 Martin Street                                                                                       Millbury, MA 01527                                           508-865-5841



Opening Day 2015


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Meet the Teacher Night Schedule

September 17, 2015

6:00-6:25pm 9th grade parent/guardian presentation                                         Auditorium

6:30-6:40pm Period 1

6:44-6:54pm Period 2

6:58-7:08pm Period 3

7:12-7:22pm Period 4

7:26-7:36pm Period 5

7:40-7:50pm Period 6

7:54-8:04pm Period 7

8:10-8:30pm Aspen Parent Portal presentation                                                 Auditorium

Parents/Guardians will follow the schedule of their child on this evening. Staff will provide an overview of class curriculum, expectations, and answer questions. This is not a time for 1 on 1 conferencing. If this is a need, a separate time for a teacher meeting can be scheduled.  

Please come for the 9th grade parents/guardians presentation prior to the start of the evening. Information to assist parents/guardians with the student transition to high school will be available from our guidance department.

For parents/guardians with multiple teachers to visit during the same period, there is time provided at the end of the night for you to go speak with teachers.

The Parent/Guardian Student Management Portal will be open to subscribers in early October (projected date). Learn more at the brief Parent/Guardian portal presentation at 8:10pm. This information will be available on the website after Meet the Teacher night.

Looking forward to seeing many of you on September 17th.

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