Millbury Memorial Junior/Senior High School, in partnership with home and community, provides a safe and caring environment for all students 
to engage in challenging educational experiences that encourage lifelong learning, responsible citizenship and college and career readiness.

Millbury Memorial Junior/Senior High School

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Mr. Daley's 7th grade project

                    In this project students were asked to engage with the book "Wonder" by RJ Palacio. 7th grade Students were paired into groups and asked to create an artistic representation of an assigned character. I gave each student a brown paper back which is meant to represent the backpack of their character. They were then asked to use print-outs and magazine clippings to decorate the exterior of the bag with images that represent their character's personality and interests. This was included to help students practice the skill of making inferences based on textual evidence. They were next asked to place inside the bag four items which that character would likely carry in their backpack. The final step that was asked of the students was for their group to stand in front of the class and present to their peers why they chose to decorate the bag the way they did as well as why they chose to place the items inside their bags. This was intended to satisfy the speaking and listening requirements of the Common Core.
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